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POLE FITNESS is an excellent way to build full-body strength. We offer classes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We also offer two stylized dance classes that focus on choreography and sensual movement. All of our classes begin with a warm-up for full-body strengthening and flexibility. Students spend the remainder of class learning pole tricks individually tailored to each student’s level of experience. Whether you are a seasoned poler or you just want to try something new, we have a class to fit your level.






Class Descriptions

Intro to pole

Intro to pole is for anybody who is new to pole fitness. In this class we will cover the foundations to pole fitness including basic movements around the pole, pole sits, beginner spins, and strength conditioning for climbs. This class is perfect for first timers or anybody wanting to focus on the fundamentals of pole fitness.

Pole Level 1

Level 1 classes place additional emphasis on strength and flexibility conditioning to help you gain the strength needed for basic pole spins and tricks. Level 1 focuses on basic climbs, spins, and beginner combos.

Pole Level 2

Level 2 focuses on building upon the basics as well as executing techniques and mastering control on the spinning pole, basic inversions, and building your strength to prepare you for intermediate level challenges. It is recommended that you are able to climb the pole and have a strong basic tuck before moving on to level 2 classes.

Pole Beginner Levels 1 & 2

This class is a mixed level class for beginners to beginner-intermediate students. We will work on fundamental pole techniques including spins, upright tricks on the pole and basic inversions. The instructor will modify moves that are suitable for each individual level if the class.

Burlesque Cardio

This is a beginner friendly choreography class where the goal is to feel sexy WHILE getting a good cardio workout! Each week basic pole or chair moves will be taught and then put together to create a short dance set to music. This class is a safe place  to explore your sensual side while working out to a mix of vintage and modern music. Knee pads are strongly encouraged and heels are optional.

Pole Conditioning and Flexibility

This class aims to increase range of flexibility and build the strength and endurance needed to progress through the different levels of pole and attempting the more advanced tricks. All levels welcome!

Intermediate Pole

This level of pole fitness focuses on multi-trick combos; removing points of contact from basic spins and tricks ; and incorporating inversions into combos. This class works on building strength to invert aerially and students should already be able to invert and shoulder mount from the ground.

Advanced pole tricks

Advanced pole tricks is designed for the intermediate to advanced level pole student looking for a challenge. Students will work on inverted and upright tricks with only two to three points of contact. It is stongly recommended that you are able to invert and hold basic inverted tricks before moving to an advanced level class.

Power Pole

Advanced pole tricks is designed for the intermediate to advanced level pole student looking for a challenge. Students will work on inverted and upright tricks with only two to three points of contact. It is stongly recommended that you are able to invert and hold basic inverted tricks before moving to an advanced level class.

Sexy Fundamentals

For first timers and beginners who are interested in the sexy side of pole! Also appropriate for more advanced students looking to improve their dancing. This class focuses on the foundational elements of exotic pole dancing. Students will learn and fine-tune fundamental sexy movements to use in their personal dancing and/or to prepare for other choreography classes. No dance or fitness experience is necessary. This is a mixed level class – there will be progressions available to suit students’ levels. Detailed instruction on exotic dance elements such as leg waves, body rolls, pirouettes – along with transitions, tricks & combos – on the pole and the floor. There will be added instruction on quality of movement and finding one’s inner sexy performer! Elements will be taught from all different styles of exotic pole dance. Student will have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned at the end of class to music.

*Students should wear socks or stripper style heels. Knees should be covered – knee pads are recommended. Pole shorts may be beneficial depending on the week. Clothing can be yoga style or as sexy as you want!

Beginner Pole Choreography

For first timers and beginners who are interested in the sexy side of pole! Students will be introduced to basic sexy moves on and off the pole, and will learn a short choreographed routine to music. No dance or fitness experience is necessary. This class can be mixed level – progressions will be given when appropriate.

*Students should wear socks or stripper style heels. Knees should be covered – knee pads are recommended. Clothing can be yoga style or as sexy as you want!

Intermediate Pole Choreography

Let’s dance! This class will focus on transitions, tricks, and creating a sexy flow. Students will learn a choreographed routine to music with floor work and base work. There will be added instruction on quality of movement, finding one’s inner performer, and to how move seamlessly between the floor & pole. Choreos will vary each week – elements will be taught from all different styles of pole dance. This is a mixed level class – progressions will be given when appropriate.

*This is a high heels class. Stripper style heels and knee pads are highly recommended. Pole shorts may be beneficial depending on the weekly choreography. Clothing can be yoga style or as sexy as you want!
**Students must know their basic static spins, pirouettes and pole sits. This class is not appropriate for first time polers. Please ask the front desk or the instructor if there are any questions.
Liquid Motion®
In a Liquid Motion® class, we will use dance theory, natural organic movement and the Liquid Motion techniques, and fundamentals to build a proper foundation for floor work. Students will be lead through a 15-20 min full body warm up involving cardiovascular work, full body conditioning, and mobility exercises. The bulk of the class will take you through intricate floor flows and across the floor drills. The class will end with time for each student to explore their new found skills, and then a proper cool down and recovery to close out the Liquid Motion experience. This class is suitable for all levels with modifications to fit each student’s level.
  • Covered knees are required. Leg warmers are okay, but knee pads are ideal.
  • Arms and legs should be covered with something fitted and that will not stick to the floor, you can wear booty shorts underneath if you like.
  • Layers and socks are recommended.
Open Practice Time

Open studio time to come and work on your tricks on your own time. Someone will be around to monitor, but there will be no instruction at this time. This is a time to work on the moves you have already learned during class time. Must be a member of Be Fitness for open practice. If you are not a member or are from out of town, please call us for approval to attend open practice. Open practice rate is free for members and $15 per hour for non-members once approved.


Due to our limited class size, Be Fitness has a strict late cancellation policy. A $18 fee will automatically be charged for any no shows or cancellations that occur later than 12 hours prior to scheduled class time. This policy applies to all students, no exceptions. A $28 fee will automatically be charged for any no shows or cancellations that occur an hour before class time. Students are required to have a credit card on file in case of a late cancellation or no show. The late fee is charged in lieu of your class pass. You will not lose one of your passes if you cancel with less than 12 hour notice; you will only be charged the late fee. 

If you are waitlisted for a class, the late cancellation fee still applies. If you are added to the class and can no longer attend, please give us a 12 hour notice to avoid the late cancellation fee. If you have not yet been added to the class, please make sure to remove yourself from the waitlist. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please call us (216) 227-9710 if you are running late for class. If you are more than 5 minutes late for class, you risk giving up your spot for someone on the waitlist. If you are more than 15 minutes late for class, you will not be permitted into the class.

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Janice’s pole style is focused on strength and tricks. She started doing pole 3 years ago in April of 2014 and has been teaching since 2016. She started pole about six months after she lost her eight-year-old son due to complications from cerebral palsy. It was the start of the healing process for her. After spending months in bed, unable to function, she decided to try pole dance. It was the first hour in six months that she was not lost in grief; she had to focus so hard on what she was doing and couldn’t think about her loss. Little by little, pole strengthened her physically and mentally. She hopes to give her students that same sense of empowerment, confidence, and an inner strength that will carry people through hard times.

Outside of Be Fitness, Janice loves to run and travel. She has participated in a few triathlons and marathons. She also loves to spend time with her husband and beautiful children.


  • 2018 PSO Central – Championship Level 3 Master – 1st Place


Erin doesn’t like to label her pole style but, if she had to, she’d call it sassy — a little too awkward to say it’s sexy, but her playful/flirty side definitely comes through. She tends to incorporate more strength based tricks, but she’s also been working on adding more fluidity to her movements.

Erin believes that exercise should be FUN and she likes to bring that energy to her classes. We each have our own unique abilities and strengths and she tries to nourish that in her students. She hopes that her students leave class feeling empowered to pursue their goals on and off the pole.

Erin has been a pole student since 2013 and started teaching pole in May of 2017. She is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and has specialty certifications in FXP Hula Hoop and POUND, which she has been teaching since 2015. Erin started her fitness journey by taking Zumba classes. She had read research studies suggesting that physical activity can be therapeutic and wanted something to help her deal with some of the emotional baggage that came with her divorce. After about a year of taking Zumba, she learned about pole fitness and was instantly attracted to it because it was so different from anything else she she would normally do. Pole has emboldened her to step outside of her comfort zone so that she can continue to evolve and grow as a person.


  • 2018 PSO Central – Entertainment Level 3 Senior – 2nd Place


Tori has been dancing for 22 years and is thrilled to be working with Be Fitness. She has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater. Tori has a BA degree in Dance from Slippery Rock University and is currently teaching and performing all over the Cleveland area. Tori started her pole journey at Be Fitness in 2015 and has loved combining her classical dance training with this amazing and unique art form.

One of the things Tori loves most about dance and pole is that they allow a freedom of expression through movement when words aren’t quite right. She wants her students to feel like they can express themselves and move through a sense of poise and grace while still building technical skills that can be used in all dance forms.


  • 2018 PSO Central – Entertainment Level 2 Junior – 3rd Place


Heather took her first pole class on a whim with a Groupon in 2015, but didn’t get hooked for good until an unlimited month at the end of 2017, when she really got an opportunity to see all that Be had to offer. As an AFAA-Certified bootcamp and cardio hip hop instructor, pole was a welcome combination of strength training and artistry. She loves that pole has so many aspects that there’s no end to what you can do and loves how supportive the Be family is of everyone’s accomplishments, big and small.


Melissa started taking pole in March 2019 and got certified to teach Pole 1 & 2 in February 2020. She struggled to find a workout that she really enjoyed until she found Pilates. She came to Be for reformer but had to try pole. She instantly loved it! 
She has a background in dance and cheerleading and the pole tricks and combos offer a similar fun and challenging workout that she really enjoys!
She started teaching in June 2020. She is a school teacher by day! She loves helping others learn new skills and achieve their goals. She wants her students to feel strong and confident starting wherever they are in their practice so they can work together to set goals.

She mostly enjoys strength based tricks/spins & conditioning. Her goal is to work on creating mini combos that include each individual trick taught in class to integrate the dance portion.

Outside of the studio Melissa enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, exploring different types of music, reading, cooking, learning how to care for my plants, home projects.

Coming soon...


Anna started her pole journey in 2015 when she saw a photo of a woman doing a jade split; she looked up a pole class in her area that same day. One of her favorite things about pole is that it can help people feel stronger both physically and mentally and give people a greater appreciation for their bodies and the amazing things that they can do no matter what fitness level they’re at. She started teaching pole in June 2020 because pole has had such a huge, positive impact on her life, and she wanted to encourage others to get started on their own pole journeys. When teaching she focuses on emphasizing good technique, form, and fluidity of motion in all moves to help students achieve their personal goals and make moves look effortless. Anna hopes to provide a supportive space to build confidence in her students and their own abilities. Outside of the studio Anna is a software engineer, who lives with her husband and dog, and loves reading trashy romance novels, traveling to eat crazy foods she saw on Youtube, sewing ball gowns, and collecting new hobbies. 


Rachael’s aerial style is dramatic. She loves to dance to darker song lyrics to show there is grace through life’s toughest times. She started her aerial journey with pole dance because she wanted to exercise in a way that created art. For a long time she struggled with severe depression and with the help of pole she was taken off of medicine and found joy in every aspect of life. Rachael’s favorite thing about aerial arts is the expression of love for one’s self. She learned to love herself through depression because of pole. She wants to share that love with her students and hopes that her students feel encouraged in class. She wants them to know that they are capable of amazing things they did not know they could do. Rachael has been involved in aerial arts since 2015 and started teaching in the spring of 2017.

Outside of Be Fitness, Rachael enjoys knitting, adventuring to new places, trying new foods and working to make others’ lives more fulfilling. She also loves to design clothing and studied fashion at the University of Akron.


Ky Cobb has been captivating audiences as a pole performer for the last four years.
They placed third in the doubles category at the 2023 Pole Championship Series in Columbus, Ohio. They are not limited to pole, as they also dabble and perform with lollipop, aerial silks, hammock, lyra and partner acrobatics.