Frequently Asked Questions

What is pole dance/pole fitness?
Pole dance/fitness is a combination of dance and acrobatic/gymnastic movements that uses a verticle pole.

Is pole dance/pole fitness safe?
Pole dancing is safe as long as you listen to your instructor and follow directions. We are here to ensure your safety in all movements. We highly recommend using a crash mat when learning new trick, especially inverted tricks. Remember to always listen to your body and not push beyond your limits.

What are the benefits of pole dance/pole fitness?
You will see many benefits once you begin your pole journey. The most obvious benefit will be an increase in body strength, especially in your upper body and core. Pole is, however, definitely a full-body workout and you will notice all-around improvements! You will also gain a great sense of confidence and empowerment. Pole teaches you to love your body and what it can do. We have a great community of men and women to support you along your journey. You will find a new supportive family here at Be Fitness!

Is pole dance/pole fitness a good workout?
Pole is definitely a great workout! Unlike other activies, you have so much fun you don’t even realize your working out! You’ll quickly gain new muscles you didn’t even know you had and shed pounds while having a good time with new friends.

Do I need to have upper body strength to pole dance?
Pole does require a lot of upper body strength, but don’t worry if you don’t have any now. You will build the strength and muscle memory faster than you can imagine!

What should I wear to class?
We recommend wearing shorts and a tank top to class. The more skin that you have exposed, the better grip you will have on the pole. Clothing hinders your ability to grip the pole well, so for safety reasons you will want to have your skin exposed. More advanced students tend to wear shorts and a sports bra as they progress into more difficult tricks that require more underarm and side grip.

Should I bring shoes?
Students typically practice barefoot but if you would like to practice in heels, you may. We recommend saving the heels for our Pole Passion, Exotic and Low Flow classes.

Is there a weight limit?
X-Pole does not have an official weight limit for their poles as things like proper installation will effect the weight limit. Our poles are bolted to the floor and ceiling making them very secure. There are also many moves that you can do around the pole and low to the ground if you are worried about the weight limit. 

Is there an age limit?
We ask that students be over the age of 16 to attend our classes. Anyone under the age of 18 will need sign parent or guardian consent.

Do I need prior experience?
You do not need any prior experience before your first pole class. Our beginners 1 class is the perfect place to start if you are new to pole! It is catered to first time polers to work on proper grip, form and technique.

How long before I am ready for level 2?
This will vary depending on each student. We recommend being comfortable climbing the pole and have a good prep for your invert. Our classes are not in sessions so you can always drop in to any class (with exceptions to our Intermediate/Advanced class, as that is reserved for only intermediate/advanced polers). Each student comes with a different background and body type, so what works for one student may not work for another.

How many students are in class?
We allow a maximum of 10 students per class (2 people per pole) to accommodate enough space and time for each person to participate.

Do the poles spin?
The poles can be set to either static or spinning mode. As a beginner you will start with the pole on static to ensure that you are safe and comfortable on the pole. Once you are comfortable and we feel it is safe, we will progress you to spinning pole.

How many poles are there?
We currently have 5 static/spinning poles in our studio.

What types of poles do you use?
We train on 45 mm X-Pole studio poles.

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