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PILATES REFORMER classes reshape your body! The adjustable springs provide progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. So whether you are getting in shape, rehabilitating from an injury or chronic pain, training for an athletic competition, improving your sports technique, or just looking for an interested, new physical challenge, our Pilates classes are for you! If this is the first time trying Pilates, we ask that you first take a few Intro classes or scheduling a private session with one of our instructors. While we do not require these things, we do highly recommend it for your own comfort and safety in regular group classes.


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Intro to Pilates Reformer
Pilates is a system of exercise and movement that is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. It integrates breath and movement within proper body mechanics to increase awareness, and use all of the muscles of the body. This class will teach the fundamentals and basics of a Pilates Reformer work out. Grippy socks are recommended but not required. This class is formatted for beginners.
Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer uses the reformer apparatus allowing for greater resistance and support from the straps and springs. Students will use the straps on their hands and feet for support and added resistance throughout various Pilates exercises. Various props may be used in classes including the short and long box, Pilates chair, jumpboard, and tower. This class is suitable for all levels with modifications available to regress and progress movements to accommodate each student. 

Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat will take you through the classical mat sequence ranging from beginning to intermediate level focusing on the principles and fundamentals of Pilates. This is a great class to build core strength, flexibility, coordination, and a connection to mind, body and spirit.  We will use various props including pilates ball, stability ball, straps, blankets, pilates ring, and a weighted bar to help assist and go deeper into your practice. Mat work is a great addition to reformer and offers a greater challenge by using your own body weight in the movements. 

Pilates Jump Fusion

Pilates Jump Fusion blends traditional Pilates reformer with cardio fitness and resistance training. A portion of the class will consist of Pilates Reformer exercises while the remainder uses the Pilates jumpboard.
The jumpboard is a solid board that attaches at the end of the reformer in place of the footbar. You can use it to jump while laying in your back, on your side, in a quadruped position, or even while seated. This takes a significant load off of your joints and makes jumping more accessible for people who typically cannot handle high impact movements. Jumpboard is great for increasing muscular strength, endurance, and coordination.


Due to our limited class size, Be Fitness has a strict late cancellation policy. A $18 fee will automatically be charged for any no shows or cancellations that occur later than 12 hours prior to scheduled class time. This policy applies to all students, no exceptions. A $28 fee will automatically be charged for any no shows or cancellations that occur an hour before class time. Students are required to have a credit card on file in case of a late cancellation or no show. The late fee is charged in lieu of your class pass. You will not lose one of your passes if you cancel with less than 12 hour notice; you will only be charged the late fee.

If you are waitlisted for a class, the late cancellation fee still applies. If you are added to the class and can no longer attend, please give us a 12 hour notice to avoid the late cancellation fee. If you have not yet been added to the class, please make sure to remove yourself from the waitlist. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please call us (216) 227-9710 if you are running late for class. If you are more than 5 minutes late for class, you risk giving up your spot for someone on the waitlist. If you are more than 15 minutes late for class, you will not be permitted into the class.

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Christina’s classes are more traditionally based with a contemporary style to provide a healthy balance to meet students’ needs. She wants her students to have a robust class filled with mindful, integrated movement. She hopes that they experience a solid class so that when they walk away they feel challenged and supported. Christina has a long history of ballet and modern dance experience dating back to the 1980s. During her training as a dancer, Pilates mat was frequently used as a warm up. She started taking Pilates reformer classes at White Cloud studios multiple times a week and wanted more. She received her certification in 2005. Christina is a third generation instructor certified through Joseph Pilates.

Christina loves everything about Pilates, from the history to the transformative stories. People can use it for reformative work, healing from an injury, balancing out their body’s needs, or for a supplemental workout along side any other physical practice. You can be a total beginner or a highly trained athlete and you will feel the benefits from Pilates. What she loves most is that within a matter of one or two classes you begin to feel results, and then shortly thereafter you start to see the results of the work you have put in. Understanding body mechanics and awareness creates a healthy mind and body. It is one of the fastest and safest workouts and once you get hooked on the reformer, you want more.

Christina is the owner of Be Fitness and a former pole instructor. She started the studio by herself in 2007 and has grown it into a full fitness boutique. In addition to teaching Pilates, Christina focuses on creating an authentic experience for herself and her two children. She is always reminding herself and others to take risks and find a deeper purpose in life. She loves to dance, listen to music, be near the water, and connect with other people.

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Paula is a Nationally Certified Pilates instructor through the Pilates Core Integration method. Certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and ladder barrel.

Pilates has been such an integral part of her life, and truly believes Pilates can improve all aspects of life, especially through your mind & body. Alway learning, she strives to stay up to date with new trends in the pilates universe, while always staying true to the core Pilates values and techniques.


Kristen loves everything Pilates has to offer. When she started her journey with Pilates, she was looking for a change. From the moment she laid down on the carriage, she fell in love. It quickly became a passion! Kristen is certified through Balance Body, under the direction of Troy McCarty. She now helps her students conquer their weaknesses, crush their goals and change their lives. She says, “If I can help one person connect to Pilates and play a part in finding their love for Pilates, then it has been a good day!”


Karen is a teacher, massage therapist, wellness coach, meditation facilitator, and Reiki master. She has been passionate about Pilates since the beginning of her practice in 2008. She decided to become an instructor in 2012 because she felt inspired to help people move differently and feel better. She loves Pilates for the way it connects the mind to the body, facilitating awareness in everyday life around one’s movement patterns. Karen enjoys drawing upon her varied background and expertise to create classes that are mindful, connected, challenging and safe.

Karen is originally from Cleveland and has recently returned to her midwest roots from Colorado where she spent 20 years. She is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm for Pilates while creating new relationships and connections.


Hannah started practicing Aerial Yoga in 2015. It was love at first hang! She felt amazing after her first class and was instantly hooked! She expanded her yoga practice to the mat later that year and fell in love with the fitness and mental aspects of having a well balanced yoga practice. She was certified in Antigravity Fitness Fundamentals in January 2017 and later certified yoga teacher from the studio Cleveland in 2020. During the week, she spends her time being a physical therapist assistant and stays busy on the weekend with various activities. 

Her goal is to combine Yoga and Physical Therapy and help others mentally and physically. Her classes are known for constantly changing playlists and taking client requests at the beginning of class.


Didi started her yoga journey at the beginning of college, after her flute professor recommended it to build breath support. She found the practice and discipline allowed her to breathe better, develop a deeper connection to her body, and built confidence. After discovering Yoga for All Musicians, she decided to get certified in yoga in hopes of giving her flute students these tools to succeed.

After moving back to Cleveland, she was able to dive even deeper into her newfound love for movement. She has gone on to learn and teach aerial yoga, aerial hammock, hoop, yoga, barre, pole, and pilates. Her training comes from many studios, but her training begins at the Arizona Circus School. She now travels to compete.

Didi loves challenging her students and making students aware of their own body. She stresses the importance of movement for ALL of her students – her musicians AND those in the studio! Her goal is to empower, strengthen and challenge all of her students, no matter what the class.

Outside of the studio, Didi is a flutist, artist, and drives a Zamboni. She holds a Bachelors of Music and a K-12 Teaching License, and will be completing a B.A. in Studio Art and a Masters of Arts Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship.

– 1st place Intermediate Lyra Wisconsin Regional 2022
– 1st place Advanced Hammock Oregon Regional 2022
– 3rd place Advanced Hammock Texas Regional 2023
– 3rd place Advanced Specialty Salt Lake City Nationals 2023
– 1st Place Advanced Hammock Oregon Regional 2023

XPERT Hammock/Hoop/Pole
500hr Yoga
100hr Level 1/2 Aerial Yoga + CEC in Restorative Aerial Yoga
Balanced Body Pilates Mat and Reformer




Melissa started taking pole in March 2019 and got certified to teach Pole 1 & 2 in February 2020. She struggled to find a workout that she really enjoyed until she found Pilates. She came to Be for reformer but had to try pole. She instantly loved it! 
She has a background in dance and cheerleading and the pole tricks and combos offer a similar fun and challenging workout that she really enjoys!
She started teaching in June 2020. She is a school teacher by day! She loves helping others learn new skills and achieve their goals. She wants her students to feel strong and confident starting wherever they are in their practice so they can work together to set goals.

She mostly enjoys strength based tricks/spins & conditioning. Her goal is to work on creating mini combos that include each individual trick taught in class to integrate the dance portion.

Outside of the studio Melissa enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, exploring different types of music, reading, cooking, learning how to care for my plants, home projects.