Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for kids classes?
Our kids classes are perfect for kids ages 8-15. Teens 15+ are welcome to join our adult classes with permission from a parent or guardian.

How many students are in the classes?
Our weekly classes and workshops are limited to 7 students with 1 student per fabric.

What should my kids wear to class?
We recommend wearing something comfortable such as activewear and no jewelry or anything that might tear the fabrics.

Are the kids classes separate from other the adult classes that may be going on (pole, pilates, etc)?
There are other classes that occur at the same time as kid classes including Pole, Spin, and Pilates. Parents are welcome to join in any of these classes. They are in separate areas of the studio and do not interact at all with the kids classes.

My kid is interested in performing in a recital. Do you do anything like that?
We offer a multi-week choreography workshop that features a small recital for students to perform at the end. See our current workshop schedule on MindBody for more information on the next workshop series. 

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