Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shakti Flow similar to yoga?
Shakti Flow is an invigorating, high energy practice that blends yoga, dance, and functional fitness. It is faster paced than traditional yoga flows.

What are the benefits of Shakti Flow?
Shakti Flow class is full of high intensity cardio bouts and fun dance sets mixed with creative vinyasa flow, body weight strength training and breath work set to fun music.

Below what we can physically see, these movements are cleansing and opening our chakras, building solid foundations while nudging us to step out of our comfort zones. In turn we re-emerge more confident, vibrant and more aligned with our divine feminine energy. Shakti means power or empowerment, which is what our practice inspires within us. This practice will challenge you no matter what your experience in yoga or fitness, guaranteed to shake up and Awaken the inner Goddess that resides.

What if I can’t keep up?
No worries! This practice can be modified in many different ways. You’ll be able to find a Flow that’s right for you. A regular Shakti Flow practice will build endurance and strength quickly.

What should I wear?
Yoga pants (leggings or shorts) and a T-shirt or tank top. You will work up a sweat so dry wicking material will keep you most comfortable. We practice in bare feet.

Do I need to bring anything?
You are welcome to bring your own mat. We also have mats and props available for use at the studio. We highly recommend that you bring water as well.

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